Chiara Benvenuto

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Possui doutorado em Aquatic Ecology - Kent State University (2008). Tem experiência na área de Ecologia de Ambientes Aquáticos e no estudos de Comportamento, Evolução e reprodução de crustáceos e peixes. I consider myself primarily a behavioural ecologist and I aim to integrate behavioural ecology with population ecology, population genetics and ecological modelling. I enjoy working with aquatic organisms and I am fascinated by the evolution of animal mating systems and strategies. I strongly believe that a deep knowledge of animal behaviours and mating strategies is fundamental in any program of conservation and management of biodiversity. Also, it is becoming more and more evident that anthropogenic changes are affecting behaviours and reproduction in many organisms. I am interested in understanding the effects of contaminants and acoustic pollution in aquatic organisms and to assess what behavioural changes can be used as biomarkers of stressors. My current main research interests are: sequential hermaphroditism (sex-change) in fish and crustaceans; behavioural eco-toxicology; colour change; patterns of sex allocation/sex ratios; sex determining mechanisms; intersexual conflicts. (Texto informado pelo autor)


Chiara Benvenuto
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Endereço Profissional
University of Salford.
Room 317
Peel Building
54 - Salford, - Inglaterra
Telefone: (0044) 1612955141

Formação acadêmica/titulação

2003 - 2008
Doutorado em Aquatic Ecology.
Kent State University, KENT STATE, Estados Unidos.
Título: Precopulatory mate guarding behavior in clam shrimp: A case of intersexual conflict, Ano de obtenção: 2008.
Orientador: Stephen C. Weeks.
Bolsista do(a): The National Science Foundation, NSF, Estados Unidos.

Membro de corpo editorial

2017 - Atual
Periódico: Biology Methods & Protocols


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Produção bibliográfica
Artigos completos publicados em periódicos

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TRICARICO, ELENA2008TRICARICO, ELENA ; BENVENUTO, CHIARA ; BUCCIANTI, ANTONELLA ; GHERARDI, FRANCESCA . Morphological traits determine the winner of -symmetric- fights in hermit crabs. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, v. 354, p. 150-159, 2008.

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Capítulos de livros publicados
BENVENUTO, CHIARA; KNOTT, BRENTON ; WEEKS, STEPHEN C. . Crustaceans of Extreme Environments. Lifestyles and Feeding Biology. 1ed.: , 2015, v. 2, p. 379-417.

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